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Gateway Parts and Services Online Business Strategy and Implementation

Gateway Parts was formed late in 2010 to provide mining and resources companies with second hand parts for mining equipment. They were seeking a competitive edge in being able to catalogue and sell those parts online, as well as keeping track of inventory and customers. Given the huge cost of downtime, mining companies need to find the parts they need quickly.

Online Business Strategy Objectives:

Create a brand, build the best in category site to find second hand parts, generate qualified leads, and build a profitable business


  1. Competitive Analysis: A detailed competitive analysis was undertaken to identify competitors and the approaches they were using. From that analysis a feature list as well as content list was identified to take the best of what the competitors were doing as input to a new site design. A critical factor was the ability to see multiple images of the same part, and to be able to easily create an enquiry for that part.

  2. Develop a new leading design. The layout was wireframed together with the client during a workshop as part of a detailed online communications brief as an input to the Emergination design and development team. The clear focus was to make finding parts fast and easy, and the site needed to drive visitors to take action as a result of visiting.

  3. Search Engine Optimisation. Given the huge volume of parts (over 2000 in the catalogue currently and growing), a precise approach to naming conventions was undertaken with a view to maximising the ability to find Gateway Parts.


  • Within two weeks of launch Gateway was achieving many page 1 positions for parts searched within the catalogue.

  • Gateway now has over 1200 pages indexed, and is now achieving in many cases  the first four search positions for exact matches on the products - ahead of competitors with decades in the industry.

  • Updates to the site are undertaken rapidly by Emergination using the Online Business System

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