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TransGlobal Shipping and Storage

At the time of engagement of Emergination, TransGlobal Shipping and Storage had been recently acquired business with negligible brand presence and very low turnover. The existing site was getting little traffic and generating no enquiries

Digital Strategy Objectives:

Build an online brand, generate qualified leads, and build a profitable business


  1. Competitive Analysis: A detailed competitive analysis was undertaken to identify competitors and the approaches they were using. From that analysis a feature list as well as content list was identified to take the best of what the competitors were doing as input to a new site design. An analysis of existing web traffic was also undertaken.

  2.  Fix the Quote form. The next step was to fix the online quote form. The existing form was too complex, too long and did not indicate to a user how much detail was required. As a result most people refused to complete the form.

    The form was developed to be able to be viewed in a single web page, to look easy to complete, and downloadable so a person could fill it in manually if they so wished. Should someone partially complete the form, they have the option of providing contact details only (should they not wish to complete the form or want guidance).

    The new form delivers all of the quote details collected in the quote into an xml file that is emailed to the Operations Manager at TransGlobal Shipping and Storage. The Operations Manager double clicks the xml file which imports all of the data into their Moveware system, allowing a quote to be completed rapidly with no rekeying.

  3. Develop a new leading design. A new design layout was wireframed together with a online communications brief as an input to the design team. The clear focus was to ensure quotes were the primary focus, and the site needed to drive visitors to take action as a result of visiting.

  4. Implement Traffic Generation Strategy. A Google Adwords campaign was implemented after a detailed keyword analysis was undertaken.

  5. Search Engine Optimisation. A detailed review of search queries was undertaken. One of the keyword topics regularly typed into Google is “Moving to.. “ and the location in question. On the base of the site we have links to custom created pages that focus on many of the destinations we serve.


  • A sales pipeline of $1.3 million was generated in 12 months and the business is now 500% larger than when the project commenced

  • Initially all traffic was paid for via cost per click. Now more than half of the traffic comes from organic search
  • TransGlobal was substantially unaffected by the Global Financial Crisis, unlike others in the relocations industry

  • TransGlobal receives a much greater impact for lower cost on marketing spend

  • Updates to the site are undertaken rapidly by Emergination using the Online Business System

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