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2013 Predictions


Seasons greetings and warm wishes (and predictions) for a prosperous 2013....

Quotable quote: 

“"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions" Albert Einstein

As we approach that time of year where approximately one third of the world's population celebrate Christmas (for a more detailed breakdown see Christmas Worldwide..), it is time to consider 2013 and some predictions.

  • The gun control lobby will substantially maintain the status quo with some ground given. The focus on the debate of rights requires a substantial rethink - the right to bear arms versus the right to safely live in the USA where mental health (as in all countries) is a big issue. Ubiquitous gun ownership and high rates of mental health issues don't mix
  • The growth of technology collaboration tools that are in enterprises (Social Text, Jive and other products like Sharepoint) will become part of organisation culture (how we work) as opposed to tools we use
  • Transactions, purchases, customer interactions will become primary on mobiles rather than from the web only. The vast majority of companies are not prepared enough for this change
  • Retailers will see a slightly more level playing field with GST applied to online purchases sub-$1000 - however the substantial risk is a move to offshore purchases that are lower cost (the same issue that has hammered the tourism industry)
  • Retailers must adopt technology as part of the service experience to make it more engaging. Retail has always been about engagement - it must be a positive and personal experience rather than a drive for the bottom on price. So better trained and more proactive staff, plus lots of consideration of the buying experience will be omnipotent
  • Big data will allow much greater insight into predictive intervention - smart marketers will leverage this information with one eye firmly focussed on the customer experience 
  • The nature of work will increasingly move to large numbers of contract and solo operators
  • Resources companies are now assessing ways to drive down costs due to commodity fluctuations
  • Early stage commercialisation centres will attract much greater interest as opportunities for innovation - particularly from overseas
As the end of year approaches, I would like to express my gratitude to clients, colleagues, business partners and friends of Emergination for their support in 2012. 

I hope you've found this newsletter useful! Until 2013, keep fit!

Kind regards,

Justin Davies & the Emergination Team
Level 1
182 St Georges Tce
Perth, Western Australia 6000

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