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Helping your business grow.

Discover how to grow your profit

Business Coaching And Advisory Services

Many clients are business owners who want to grow their businesses, increase sales, increase profit, save time, reduce stress, consider transition out at some point to semi retirement, or for emerging businesses to clarify their business model and scale up.

Emergination provides owners with coaching and advice to help the business leaders define their objectives and realise them. Each approach is custom to the client and may include:

  • A diagnostic to identify key issues

  • Workshops to identify paths to resolve issues

  • Clear simple plans to effect change and resolve the issues

  • Brings team up as part of solution, rather that having the solution delivered for them (and not learning)

Our approach offers

  • Pragmatic empathetic coaching, advice and mentoring to solve business problems

  • Takes away the loneliness

  • Help to increase the speed of resolving problems and making the business more effective

  • Helps focus and knit team

  • Helps improve all aspects of the business

  • One person to deeply understand them, their business, their issues and advise as a sounding board, advisor and business leader coach

  • Getting rid of trial and error

  • Speeding up results

Our aim is to allow these business owners to have:

  • A meaningful and much more fulfilled life, with more options to really live, and be excited about their business

  • A better, more relaxed and more certain future

3 Ways to Get Started:


Justin emerged as coach after mentoring me during the Curtin Ignition program. As a small family business we knew how to deliver a good product but less about running a business. 

During 6 months of coaching he helped Dinner Twist: 
- build accounting procedures 
- strengthen our financials 
- build a lasting org structure 

Justin's input enabled us to build a foundation that we will rely on for our future growth.

Christoffer Tistrand, Managing Director


Justin has been a mentor of mine ever since Empower Physiotherapy opened its doors in 2009. His advice and support have helped us navigate issues as diverse as website creation, business expansion, strategic planning, and human resource management and development.

He has consistently been approachable, generous with his time, and has always tailored his advice to my own personal values and objectives, balancing what is best for the business as an entity with what is best for me as an individual with a young family, and with the competing commitments that are inevitable with that combination.

Since undertaking a formal coaching relationship, Justin has helped steer our company through several key changes that have us on track for continued growth and success. I couldn’t recommend his services more highly. 

Jason Power, Managing Director

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