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Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is a lightweight, fast to implement Software as a service platform which is great for small to medium businesses.

Google Apps integration allows easy updating of contacts, opportunities, tasks related to your contact, and cases (projects) that you are undertaking

Adding a Piesync subscription will keep contacts in sync (changing a contact in Capsule CRM or Google Apps automatically syncs to the other platform).

It is very easy to set up task lists so that a consistent approach is applied to every enquiry and every project

Low cost - their freemium model allows a client to experiment, decide if they like it or not - and then commit or not. In some cases the freemium model has allowed them to use the product for a number of months - so when it becomes time to upgrade they do so willingly.

Integrations - with Mailchimp and the Prezentt application - we always have a single view of the customer and all activity via Capsule CRM.

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