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Saasu - Cloud Accounting

Saasu provides everything you need to run and manage your business accounting and payroll whatever your size of business or staff. Emergination is a Saasu Certified Advisor located in Perth WA.

Saasu provides the very best of cloud based accounting You never have to worry about backups, losing your data, upgrading your software - ever again.

A really neat facility is the ability for your accountant or bookkeeper to log in - at no additional cost - to access and update your accounts for you. No more sending data files backwards and forwards and trying to keep it in check.

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An overview of Saasu (How To) from Saasu online accounting on Vimeo.

This is a in-context video, which guides you through the entire Saasu system. Designed to offer you a brief glimpse into the powerful system, it talks about the features, getting started tips as well as giving you a good idea of what Saasu has to offer.

In covers:
- Dashboard
- Invoicing basics
- Contacts
- Inventory and item tracking
- Warehouse control
- Reporting, and taxation needs
- Payroll
- Recurring invoicing
- Forecaster cash-flow prediction
- Jump
- Activities & tags
- And more ...

Some of the great features at a glance:


Create your instant insight

  • Your dashboard for your business that gives you insight into the heart of your business and how it is performing

  • Includes Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

PDF/Email Invoicing 

Order, quote, bill, pay, reconcile & report. Simple to set up including using your own logo and company details

  • Create sales, purchase orders and quotes.

  • Simple or sophisticated invoices are equally easy to produce with our without accompanying payments in a single screen.

  • They can easily be printed or emailed with your logo and regular invoices can be automatically generated and emailed.

You can just set and forget with Saasu's powerful invoicing.

  • Manage a Sales Cycle from Pre-Sales Opportunity > Quote > Order > Invoice > Payment

  • Track the age and volume of your receivables debtors

  • Manage associated documents, warranties, invoices and receipts

  • Print, Email, PDF

  • Produce Shipping Slips

  • Service or item (stock or time) layout formats.

  • Apply Tags to transactions for reporting, job tracking

  • Automatically number invoices, orders and quotes

  • Supports GST collection - as well as tax in 50 other countries

  • Record payments and part payments.

  • Include as many line items as you need.

  • Connector (API) access to link to your other systems.

Automate Transactions 

Schedule regular invoices and bills and automatically email them using templates.

  • Automatically schedule and generate recurring Sales without having to remember to do data entry.

  • Ideal for recurring revenue streams such as subscriptions, regular services income and rent.

  • Automatically capture regularly occurring card charges or bank account debits ready for reconciliation

  • Schedule regular invoices and bills and automatically email them using templates.

  • Create standardised invoices which can be sent to a Contact or a Contact Group on a regular basis.

  • Create recurring Purchase transactions such as phone contracts, car lease payments and other loans

  • Automatically capture regularly occurring expenses ready for reconciliation  

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Automate your payroll quickly and easily

Saasu provides everything you need to manage your accounting and payroll whatever your size of business or staff.

Emergination is a Saasu Certified Advisor. If you need Saasu in Perth please contact us.

Saasu For Startups and Technology Companies

Saasu has created a terrific program for early stage and startup companies to support their growth. If you are a member of Spacecubed or Atomic Sky's Techhub, please create your free 30 day trial account at Saasu, then contact Justin Davies with your filename details to enjoy a free year of access to this internationally award winning Australian software.

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