I was flicking through one of my old journals (if you want to read up on the value of keeping a journal or how to, then check out 5 Steps to Journal Writing by a friend of mine, Todd Hutchinson), and came across 4 quotes I noted after reading a book of Shakespeare quotes.

  • We work by wit, not by witchcraft – Othello
    Some in the IT industry would argue the modern-day equivalent twist on this is where there is mystery there is margin! In terms of people, process and technology, demystifying processes and making technology more simple aids greatly to project success…
  • The force of his own merit makes his way – Henry VIII
    Enough said you’ve got to be good at what you do…
  • To business that we love we rise betime and go to it with delight – Anthony and Cleopatra
    Would an internal staff satisfaction survey get lots of these kinds of responses?
  • Too swift arrives as slow as too tardy – Romeo & Juliet
    There is always enough time to do it right the second time…

And as a bonus, not sure of the author:

  • If in doubt, fall back on the truth

Great quotes are always interesting to share – they often provide succinct insight or expression of a situation. If you have a moment to share your favourite quotes, please do!

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