Our Why

We help business leaders focus and grow their companies. We love helping our clients develop an exciting vision for their business and helping them develop and execute the plans to bring that vision to life. Great companies build exciting futures for all who work with them, within them and lead them.

Our How

We work with our clients with a proven strategic planning process, plus coaching and implementation support. We work together to build momentum, improve sales and marketing, and grow stronger businesses.

What We Do

Strategic planning, business advisory, coaching, mentoring and implementation support. Supported by 30 years of experience, an extensive network of expertise, as well as unique resources, training, and technology to rapidly put your business on the path to success.

Unique Selling Proposition

Emergination provides practical business advice, and sales and marketing expertise, lean startup and innovation expertise gained from both sides of the table (as advisory and as a CEO) to help you focus and grow your business.


Experienced in more effectively connecting businesses to their markets through more effective sales and marketing strategy and execution. Extensive experience in B2B markets, working with technology companies, engineers, in industrial as well as health care, logistics, and financial services.

Our Capacity

Our team, plus our process and scalable online technology system, provides the capacity to support businesses effectively.


We are committed to long term and valued business relationships with our clients and partners. If you need to get your business growing, we can help by applying our extensive marketing and digital expertise to create value for your business. 

We bring strategic thinking and a growth mindset. We simplify the complex with insights and a practical approach that works with any business.

Meet Justin

Justin Davies - Managing Director


GAICD, B Bus Marketing and Communications


Justin is an advisor, business mentor and facilitator. Justin is passionate about how the right combination of business, marketing and digital strategy can effectively and significantly grow businesses.

Justin has a unique blend of strategy, marketing and digital expertise. In addition to helping many SME business owners and leaders through Emergination, he co-founded a technology company Prezentt.com, was a CEO in the commercialisation of technology of two companies, as well as VP Marketing for another.



He has successfully run a software development company, winning business in excess of $20 million and managed individual programs of software development and strategic work in excess of $10 million. Prior to these roles, he was an Account Director in the advertising industry working with major brands such as RACWA, ANZ and Bankwest.



He is an experienced public speaker and understands how to apply smart strategic marketing and digital innovation within business. He is particularly strong at grasping concepts quickly and in turn communicating those concepts effectively. He has completed the Harrison Assessments Employee Development Accreditation course and has demonstrated their understanding of the theory and application of organizational talent analytics for Employee Development using the Harrison Assessments talent management system.

Justin has successfully served as a director of 4 companies, 3 of which have been in non-executive roles and is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course. He is a non-executive Director of GolfWA.


Meet Pauline

Pauline Fos - Marketing Coordinator


Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship


Pauline has recently joined the Emergination team. In conjunction with Justin, she provides support for Emergination clients and projects that define and realise strategies for business growth.

With a professional background as a Financial Advisor and Property Consultant, Pauline is highly trained in marketing and sales with financial literacy about property and investments.

She has vast experience in negotiation and sales presentation and is creative and approachable. She has a high sense of responsibility, good interpersonal skills, and leadership.