Emergination Diagnostics


Not sure where to focus on in growing your business? Complete a diagnostic to understand more about the challenges and opportunities in your business, and identify areas to focus on. These practical and pragmatic tools get to the heart of the matter - whether it is addressing opportunities to improve marketing, substantially improve change success, or many others areas. Each takes around 4-7 minutes to complete.

Choose one or complete as many as you like.

Whatever you discover, Emergination can help get the results you want.

Life Balance Diagnostic

Gustave Flaubert once said, “Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.” Complete this Life Balance Diagnostic to help improve life balance between personal and work.

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Coaching Ability Diagnostic

An effective leader is key to an effective team members and great results, but it is not achieved quickly. In order to improve a leader’s coaching abilities, complete this Coaching Ability Diagnostic to point out skills that needs to be addressed and improved.

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Family Business Diagnostic

Running a family business has its advantages and disadvantages. This Family Business Diagnostic, created by Harry Kras from the Family Business Resource Center, is a great tool to help family businesses excel in their venture.

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Innovation Diagnostic

Innovation is important in business in order to match customer’s changing preferences. Using Innovation Diagnostic, this tool will identify areas that will help improve business’ innovation levels.

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Sales Diagnostic

How to increase your business sales? Approach the customer not to sell, but to help solve a problem or achieve a goal. This Sales Diagnostic will help discover strengths and identify weaknesses to improve business' sales ability.

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GPS Diagnostic

Complete this Growth and Profit Solutions Diagnostic to help you identify the top 3 ares to focus on that will accelerate the growth and profit of your business.

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Culture Diagnostic

Strong culture is critical to the success of your business. This Culture Diagnostic helps you identify areas that are working well within your business and areas that you need to work on. Discover how your business culture compares to the global benchmark. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” Dr. Peter Drucker.

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Profit / Efficiency Diagnostic

Does your business have enough funds for an expansion? Do you have the expansion capital to carry other projects you have in the future? Is your business efficient? Completing this Profit/Efficiency Diagnostic will help you determine the profit levels you desire in your business and what to focus on in order to achieve it.

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Leadership Diagnostic

What makes a great leader? Complete this Leadership Diagnostic to help you discover your strengths you need to play to and identify your weakness you need to work on as you work on becoming a more effective leader.

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Marketing Diagnostic

Is your marketing effective? Could you get a greater return from your marketing efforts and investment? This Marketing Diagnostic will help you determine where to focus to improve your marketing efforts.

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Business Survival Diagnostic

How effective and efficient are you when an economic crisis arises? Brian Tracy once said, “The true test of leadership is how well you function in a financial crisis.” Covid19 has demonstrated the challenge - and it wont be the last challenge your business will face. Complete this Survival Diagnostic to help you navigate where you need to work on in your business to ensure it survives when faced with a financial or economic shock.

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Change Success - Business

Research says only 30% of a person’s change initiative succeeds. Developed by Dr. Chris Mason, complete this Change Success Business Diagnostic to help you identify the likely change success potential of your business - and determine strategies to substantially increase the likelihood of avoiding partial or complete failure of your future change projects. 

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Change Success - Personal

Have you ever attempted change your life and not got the results you want? Understand how to get a significant personal improvement in making positive change in your life.  

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Personal Resilience

How resilient are you when faced by adversity? 2020 was a testing year, with many people experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress. Complete this Personal Resilience Diagnostic to test your level of personal resilience and understand how well you bounce back from adversity in your personal or business life.

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