Essential Insights from The 2018 Business Leader Report

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Business leaders know the hard work that goes into growing their business. It requires the combination of having the right business capabilities coupled with a set of high performance habits. You need a strategy, commitment to that strategy, and the capability within you and your team to deliver on that strategy.

In the 2018 Business Leader Report conducted by Mindshop, advisors and business leaders worldwide including Emergination have identified this year’s top 10 capabilities that your business can leverage to achieve business success plus the top 10 high performance habits that you can focus on to help you get you there.

The Top 10 Capabilities Business Leaders must have in 2018:

  1. Personal Focus
  2. Talent Management
  3. Short-Term Strategy
  4. Long-Term Strategy
  5. Empowering Leadership
  6. Effective Communication
  7. Time Management
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Implementation and Coaching
  10. Technology Early Adoption

Having the right business capabilities in place doesn’t guarantee success. You also need to have effective habits and a learning mindset. This enables you and your business to keep up with changing needs of the market. One without the other often means underperformance and frustration.

The Ten High Performance Habits Business Leaders must have in 2018:

  1. Strategic mental models
  2. Efficient tenacity
  3. Empowers great teams
  4. Intuitive decision maker
  5. Change ready
  6. Self-aware and authentic
  7. Leverages technology
  8. Life-long learning mindset
  9. Simplifies complexity
  10. Adaptive and agile

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