The Benefits of an Advisory


Many start-up companies can progress much more quickly with an experienced board. The depth of experience, the critical thinking capacity and business connections add significant value. However, as a start-up company struggles to capture funding, it often isn't necessarily a great proposition for a non-executive director.

With this as a backdrop many companies find directors, by necessity, very focused on minimising risk as opposed to performance, and this environment isn't necessarily conducive for the founder of an early stage startup. As a result there is a growing interest in creating an advisory board. In a nutshell, the advisory board focuses on the business as coaches and mentors rather than something regulated by ASIC. It also adds kudos to the capital raising and profile for the advisory board members as the deal gets shopped around.

It ensures much more robust thinking and as a result leads to achieving more capital for the same amount of equity.

Emergination provides advisory board services, as well as providing seasoned company directors to assist emerging companies to grow.