Eight Insights from the 2019 Business Leader Report

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As market conditions change and disruptive technologies continue to advance, business leaders need to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the year ahead.

In the 2019 Business Leader Report conducted by Mindshop, top advisors and business leaders worldwide including Emergination have identified the top 8 insights that will guide the strategies and training necessary for success in 2019. Also included in the report is a planning worksheet to help businesses focus on developing strategies and implementing the necessary actions for sustainable success.

The Top 8 Business Leader Insights Discussed in the 2019 Report:

  1. Training needs: with leadership, strategy, and culture being the top three focus
  2. Are you too lean for growth? Leaders may need a more hands-on approach to deal with challenges
  3. Build your own and your organisation’s resilience
  4. Consolidation or growth – your business may need to focus on growth or consolidation strategies
  5. Agile learning and development. The top three most preferred learning mediums include face-to-face coaching, learning from peers, and face-to-face courses.
  6. Technology to reinvent your business: 56% of business leaders believe that AI, robotics, and automation will play a major role in their business in the coming year. 
  7. Empowering your team with skills such as problem solving and strategy development
  8. Boost your probability of personal change success

Having the right business insights in place doesn’t guarantee success. As a business leader, you need to be proactive in making change happen. This means developing effective habits, adopting a learning mindset, and being committed to changing for the better.

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