Unrelenting change in 2021 brought wavering business sentiment and pressures for business leaders both personally and professionally. Evolving customer demand stress-tested processes, leadership resilience, attraction and retention ability, culture, supply chains, product offerings, sales and technology adoption.

All business leaders will need to ‘reset’ in 2022. For some, this will mean upskilling and reskilling leadership capabilities put on the back burner for the past two years on topics such as resilience, strategy implementation, profit improvement and coaching.

For others, it will be more about how to address attraction and retention challenges and the need to manage a hybrid workforce.

Regardless, business leaders will have to stay agile to navigate an environment of evolving customer demand and potential market instability.

In this blog post, I will share with you an overview of Mindshop’s 2022 Business Leader’s Report. You can download the whole file at the end of this article.

6 Key Insights from the 2022 Business Leader’s Report

1. Lack of time and focus continues to negatively impact leadership effectiveness.

2. Embracing a flexible workforce is critical to attraction & retention strategies.

3. Boost resilience by locking in new work/life balance habits.

4. Invest in leadership & coaching capabilities to make you a leader worth following.

5. You’ll need a ‘thriving’ strategy and vision for 2022.

6. Don’t lose sight of what makes you profitable.

3 Reasons why You should Download this Report

    1. Discover global insights for leadership and business success.
    2. Harness practical business strategies to embed into your 2022 plans.
    3. Inspire change in fellow leaders and teams.

The COVID fog will continue to clear in 2022 and reveal a landscape full of exciting opportunities for business leaders like you with resilience, clear strategy, vision, focus, quality people and evolved capabilities.

Make this the year to reset and rechart a way forward armed with valuable lessons from some of the most stressful and challenging times you have faced in your career. Don’t waste this opportunity.

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