Emergination has been working with the City of Subiaco Business Resilience Program to really help business owners in the City emerge successfully through the Covid 19 pandemic.

Many business owners and leaders are currently experiencing a significant level of stress. The uncertainty of the duration of the hibernation of the economy, and indeed the pandemic, is creating significant uncertainty.

However, with planning and process – coupled with the right assistance and guidance – these owners can emerge from Covid 19. Many may be in a stronger position to identify and embrace opportunities once the pandemic is under control. Some are finding the pandemic has created a mindset of opportunity, which has changed thinking on how services are delivered, including virtual work.

Our objectives to support Subiaco business owners through this time include:

  • To provide the necessary support for business owners to ensure that as many businesses as possible survive the Covid 19 pandemic
  • To provide business coaching to these businesses to be more efficient, effective and to grow stronger over time as a result of the program
  • Stimulate those businesses in the Subiaco area to support one another and build community
  • Use Covid 19 as an opportunity to think differently about how they operate in the future

What Do Owners Need?

The challenge under current circumstances is to maintain a calm and focussed mindset. Owners’ behaviour whilst stressed ranges from being in denial to desperation or an inability to focus in a state of overwhelm.

Emergination clients benefit from our expert assistance in working with them to develop a plan of action to improve their business and to bring that plan to life. The best results are achieved through focussed coaching and advisory sessions.

These sessions maintain a focus on growing the business, as well as identifying and implementing continuous improvement of the day to day activities of the business, supported by training content.

A Clear Strategy Lights The Way

Many business owners do not have a clear strategy or plan for growth, which becomes very apparent when a market shock – such as the current Covid 19 pandemic – arises.

Many start their businesses as a result of necessity (redundancy) or from moving away from being employed. Others spot a new opportunity in the market – however without a market model to follow, they must invent everything from sales and marketing through to service, operations, finance and systems. With a pandemic, those systems are less effective, severely tested and need to be revisited.

In all cases, they suffer from distraction, stress and a lack of focus on the right areas of their business. They need a vision for their business beyond creating a job for themselves and a focus beyond survival.

Business owners also vitally need a strategy, the commitment to grow their business, commitment to a strategy, plus the capability to execute on the strategy as their business grows and becomes more sophisticated.

The first step is to identify where the business is right now and the challenges it is facing. This need is heightened in facing the pandemic.

The Business Health Check is the starting point for participants of the program. It consists of a one-to-one Zoom session to understand the business, identify pressing challenges, and provide recommendations to overcome these challenges and improve the business.

It is the starting point in considering the 3 phases of a business dealing successfully with Covid 19 – survival, pivot / adapt and thrive.

Apply Now

If your business is located in the City of Subiaco and could benefit from assistance to ensure you are a success going forward, please apply now by visiting the City of Subiaco Resilience program. More information on the program including eligibility criteria is available at Information Sheet COVID-19 Business Resilience Program.