Cloud Computing Podcast

October 15, 2009 - 1 minute read

Listen to the Emergination Cloud Computing Podcast. Find out about this new way the corporations are using cloud computing to increase their agility and strip costs out of their business. This podcast runs for 16 minutes

Cloud Computing podcast with Dr Michael Harries of Citrix Labs

Cloud Computing consists of internet technologies that provide software and storage as a service without needing the knowledge of how to create and operate the infrastructure that supports it.

Information is securely stored on servers available via the internet and available securely from any computer at any location. Some people refer to this as software as a service or saas, some call it grid or cloud computing.

Whatever you call it, Cloud Computing is certainly creating a stir.

This podcast includes a discussion between Dr Michael Harries, Director of Strategy and Communications, Citrix Labs and CTO Office, Citrix Systems, and Justin Davies, Managing Director of Emergination. Citrix has been a pioneer in the world of private clouds, using low specification devices to deliver enterprise computing platforms, and are therefore very well placed to discuss the leading edge of this kind of technology.