Customer Relationship Management


Any successful business requires effective systems in place. Having a reliable CRM system means you will be able to manage your business with improved productivity, identify potential prospects, and generate leads with consistency. A CRM will help you take a systematic approach and fulfil customer needs in a timely manner. Emergination can help you get on board with implementation and using the Active Campaign CRM platform to bring efficiency into your business processes to drive success. In conjunction with Piesync, you will be able to manage your customer contacts seamlessly across multiple services and platforms.

We work with our clients to help them:

♦ build a plan for getting their CRM going more effectively

♦ migrating client data into the CRM and keeping it in sync with Outlook or Google contacts

♦ helping to segment the database, identifying and applying lists and tags

♦ building campaigns including newsletters

♦ building sales automations for more effective sales processes

Contact Justin to find out how we can help you with CRM.

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