Any successful business requires effective systems in place. Having a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system means you will be able to manage your business with improved productivity, identify potential prospects, and generate leads with consistency. A good CRM software will help you take a systematic approach and fulfil customer needs in a timely manner.

Customer relationship management involves learning about your customers to understand their needs and purchasing behaviour. By knowing your customers, you will build rapport with them. Strong relationships with your customers are important because people buy from businesses they like. If customers like your brand, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you over your competitors.

Having a CRM system in place will improve the whole communication process. It will help your business to become more responsive and more focussed when interacting with customers. Details of each interaction are documented and stored on the CRM system. This means the information is readily available for you and your staff to access when providing customer service.

CRM is not only useful for maintaining current customer relationships, it can be an effective tool for building new ones. It allows businesses to attract prospects and convert them into clients and loyal fans by guiding them along the sales funnel.

Advantages of using a CRM system

  1. Helps your business build rapport with your customers
  2. Improve customer retention and customer satisfaction
  3. You will be able to deliver marketing messages that are targeted to specific customer segments
  4. Customer engagement increases because your messages are relevant and focused on their needs
  5. You can easily up-sell and cross-sell to your database
  6. Improve the organisation and management of your customer data. The information about your customers is collected and stored in a centralized location. This means you avoid the hassle of updating multiple databases
  7. Attract and manage new leads with lead magnets and nurture prospects with targeted communications
  8. Marketing automation means greater efficiency throughout the marketing process – from segmentation, campaign development and execution, to measuring results
  9. Automation eliminates repetitive tasks, and you’ll be able to gain extra time in the day and be more productive
  10. Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can test different versions of a campaign to see what works, and you have access to analytics to help you monitor various KPIs.

Emergination can help you get on board with CRM system implementation and using the Active Campaign platform to bring efficiency into your business processes to drive success. In conjunction with Piesync, you will be able to manage your customer contacts seamlessly across multiple services and platforms. Contact Emergination today and let us help you grow your business.



“Justin Davies did a great presentation to our networking group, Perth Business Growth Club. The topic was “CRM: How to Build Your Growth Engine” and looked at techniques of setting up, maintaining and managing a CRM. A vital tool in any business and everyone was very positive with what they had learned.To date I have seen Justin present CRM and Time Management. His wealth of knowledge in relation to the real world is invaluable. I certainly would recommend Justin as a presenter/ trainer in regards in growing and moving forward in your business.”

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