Family Business Diagnostic



Our work has identified 10 key factors that successful family business excel in. Answering the 30 questions in this Family Business Diagnostic will help you identify your top 3 strengths and weaknesses.


What’s working 

Your top 3 areas that are working well 



What’s not working 

Your top 3 areas you need to focus on in your family business



This diagnostic was created by Mindshop advisor, Harry Kras from the Family Business Resource Centre (


Complete this Family Business Diagnostic now. In just 5 minutes, you will have the ability to see how you compare to the global benchmark (average scores of all completed diagnostics) on each of the 10 factors. If completing on your mobile phone ensure it is held landscape for ease of use. 


You can also take advantage of an obligation-free consultation with Business Coach Justin Davies to help you understand your results and overcome obstacles that are holding you back from achieving the next level of success.


Don't delay  - begin your FREE Family Business diagnostic now.




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