I was recently interviewed by Simon Fawkes from B2M Business Insights on the topic of Growing Businesses by Getting the Strategy Straight. Simon is located in Dunedin, New Zealand.

The podcast runs for 26 minutes and includes:

  • What are the factors that stop a business from growing?
  • How to identify 10% more sales and 25% more profit easily
  • What a customer analysis can do for your business, and how to complete one
  • Information about ways to get started in growing your business today

Click here to access and listen to the podcast now (no registration required)

B2M Business Insights is a weekly radio show and podcast for business owners and managers who are open to new ideas and who are willing to embrace change. Interviews with experts and thought-leaders to provide fresh insights and tips on strategy, marketing and social media to help business owners make informed decisions about growing their business and reaching new markets.