Predictive Analytics for Selecting, Developing, Leading and Engaging Talent

Harrison Assessments

Harrison's industry-leading SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 workplace factors and enables the effective measurement of leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, attitudes, passion for specific jobs, engagement, and retention. - all in one high-tech 25-minute questionnaire.

When applied to group data the Smart Questionnaire analyzes the organization's leadership capability, talent pipeline, likely talent retention rate, and provides actionable insights into company engagement, leadership development and succession planning.

Match people to the right roles, facilitate employee engagement, develop job-specific behavioural competencies, promote core values, accelerate leadership development, and enable managers to coach, engage, and retain employees. It's truly a SmartQuestionnaire.

Paradox Mastery Guide and Paradox Analytics

Our flagship Paradox report is now job-specific! Incorporate Job Success Formulas or Roles into Paradox and use the colour mapping to easily understand which paradoxes have the most impact on your job performance and how you can develop yourself towards mastery of key behaviours.

♦  Acquire Talent. Automate your selection process and use predictive data and interview guides to direct your hiring decisions.

♦  Develop Talent. Identify critical engagement & retention factors and target develop plans across individuals, team and organizational culture.

♦  Lead Talent. Ensure your leadership team has the skills to execute your organizational strategy and maximize the performance of your people.

♦  Engage Talent. Understand whether key engagement expectations are being met and what action you need to take at both an individual and group level.


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