Innovation Advisory

The disruption caused by digital innovation is significant and affecting large established companies and public sector organisations.

In response to these increasingly competitive threats, it is paramount that organisations prepare for these disruptive changes, and evolve by turning potential threats into opportunities. Businesses must innovate or risk losing relevance and market share. At its core, innovation is about developing new or substantially improving upon existing ideas and service models, and turning these concepts into something that will create real and lasting value.

Emergination's Innovation Advisory Service provides businesses and organisations with clear and effective guidance and strategies to achieve this success. The service is relevant for innovation projects that will become operational within the business, as well as projects that will operate separately and seek their own commercialisation path.


Innovation Advisory Process

Our advisory process involves learning about your idea, your business, your goals and your team. By gaining a deep understanding of where you are now and where you want to be in the future, we are able to help to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to bring the innovation vision into reality.

When you work with Emergination, you will benefit directly from Justin's extensive experience in helping businesses grow. He has supported many large organisations and startups with a technology focus to capitalise and leverage on their innovation.

Justin is able to provide your organisation with guidance throughout the commercialization process – from product development, strategy implementation, and execution.

Emergination has assisted companies in the following areas:

♦ insights into the digital trends and innovation that impacts target markets

♦ extensive market research and analysis to identify market opportunities

♦ assessment of options available for commercialisation

♦ risk assessment to understand options potentials returns against respective risks

♦ insights into customer segments and the factors that drive demand

♦ development of high-level strategic plans, summarised into a one page plan

♦ guidance on brand development, as well as sales and marketing strategies

♦ guidance on strategy execution, valuation and exit strategy

♦ development of measures to quantify results

Emergination can help enterprises close the gap between organisational constraints and technological innovation.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion. We can assist you to drive change and create a positive impact.