I once had a meeting with a guy that was supposedly a leader in the whole ebusiness area.

He opened the meeting by saying, “I don’t subscribe to that pay the vendor for work model…”. He didn’t particularly articulate how we should get remunerated for what we were doing, but we held our breath and kept listening assuming it would come.

The meeting got more interesting when we got to the specification of what he wanted.

“We are gonna deliver something… in Jan’ry.” (Bear in mind this was late November and nothing had been started..)
“Yeah, we are gonna deliver somethin.. in Jan’ry, Feb’ry, sometime, and its gonna be gooood….”

Jan’ry Feb’ry became part of the kmp venacular – whenever there was a crap specification – or no specification – or someone that clearly didn’t have a clue. “Jan’ry Feb’ry, it’s gunna be gooooood…” said it all.

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