Our first Business Growth Hub workshops for the year 2022 have been very warmly received. The Leveraged Leadership workshop was on February 23, 2022 (face to face) and March 23, 2022 (webinar).

We covered topics surrounding Leveraged Leadership – how and why to RESET as a leader in 2022, providing business tips in making the tough decisions faster as a leader, and Coaching change: evolving business skills while helping business peers plan for 2022 – and the feedback we received from this workshop was terrific. Here are some of the few we received:

“Gave my business a shot in the arm it needed. BOOST MOTIVATION and learning.”

“This workshop came at a perfect timing and very valuable content. I feel that EVERYBODY would benefit from business coaching with Justin.”
“Justin is a really good presenter, very informative and full of information.”

The workshop was also filled with lively interaction as the attendees are randomly grouped together to share their challenges as business leaders and identify what actions they should do to boost their resilience as a leader.

We will have another program with a different topic commencing soon, so now is the time to lock in your attendance at the Emergination Business Growth Hub workshops and webinars that will help boost your business in 2022. Contact Justin Davies and book a coffee or chat to find out more about how Business Coaching and the Business Growth Hub can really help you. Upcoming event dates are posted here.

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