Starting a business is exciting. For many it is the ultimate test of capability to succeed. You have to face difficult challenges to see the opportunities presented to you, and be confident to embrace all the risks it may bring you.

In this Max’s Island Podcast with Tony Hagan, Justin Davies is sharing the stories of his early career and those that shaped his thinking as a person – a series of life changing events for him before Emergination began in 2008.

The podcast mainly focuses on Justin’s challenges in business around the early 2000’s  – the challenge in looking for the right opportunities; the work experiences in his previous companies and the people who created an impact in his life and whom he continues to aspire to be like today. A lot of the discussion relates to impact of his great mentor and friend, Bill Daring, sadly no longer with us today.

“My purpose in life is to do for others what Bill Daring did for me”

“Those moments… when your eyes are open. My eyes were open to opportunities. You have that goal in your head, and somehow the universe provides a way to help you find it. It’s like your subconscious mind is working better. If you have that clarity, the right opportunities show up.” – Justin Davies