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Our action-orientated online training addresses your direct learning and development objectives - so you can apply your learning into your business immediately. Choose from a myriad of business and personal development courses, comprising many hundreds of modules and complete them when and where convenient.

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Growing You

Time Management

Discover the obstacles that are preventing you from managing your time effectively and learn ways to overcome them to boost your productivity.

Problem Solving Skills

Learn a series of tools and methodologies to help implement a common approach to problem solving in an organisation. Discover how to make more robust decisions, rank the priority of key issues and a powerful sequence of tools to take a strategy into action.

Self Confidence

Learn how to improve your level of self-confidence with this solution developing by leading clinical psychologist (and Mindshop advisor) Dr Darryl Cross. Discover the tools and processes to overcome negative self-talk, self-sabotage and fears while mapping out a clear plan to boost your levels of self-confidence.

Growing Your Business

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning course is a fantastic way to learn the steps required to deliver a strategic planning session and build the strategic plan for your business.

Growth Strategy

Learn the fundamentals of how to accelerate growth in a business - focus on improving sales and marketing, plus how to grow the operational side of your business.

Profit Improvement

Learn how to improve the profitability of any business by removing up to 30% of the inefficiencies (waste) that occurs every day.

Building Your Team

Change Success

The Change Success course which focuses in on the research by Mindshop founder, Dr Chris Mason which regard to the factors you need to influence to boost your probability of change success with regard to a specific change initiative.

Leadership Development

Learn how to be an effective leader regardless of your role or seniority in a business. Anybody can read up on the 'theories' regarding leadership this solution focuses on implementation of leadership principles and HOW to be an effective leader in a volatile and unpredictable market-place.

Coaching / Developing People

Learn how to coach people effectively to ensure they achieve their full potential. Discover how to adapt your coaching approach to different people and instill the key tools and methodologies to assist them achieve their goals.

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