Chironix is a Western Australian company with big ambitions as a leading international provider of robotic technology.

Their vision is  “a future where your team can reliably work with robotic systems within the workforce. Work faster, safer and smarter with robotic automation, machine learning, and wearable devices.”

At the time of initial engagement, Chironix had grown from 3 people to 12 in a year. Any business that grows fast experiences growing pains from such significant and rapid growth.

The first step was to work with Managing Director Daniel Milford to understand the vision for the business, and then facilitate a 2-day strategic planning workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to outline the founders vision for the business, and for the team to add their input to this vision. The key growth challenges were identified, prioritised and assigned for resolution. A one-page overarching strategic plan was developed, with key team leaders developing their own operational and 90 day plans.

Over the following 12 months, Justin met with the leadership team on a monthly basis to work through their key challenges and help with a range of issues.

Chironix continues to experience rapid and exciting growth. The team has doubled in size, and revenue has more than doubled. Chironix is an exciting business to watch as they expand into eastern states and international markets.