Business coaching and advisory services.


The Stirling Business Centre (SBC) opened in 2005 with the goal of providing various support services to small businesses in the Stirling region. SBC offers small business owners a place to connect, learn, and develop their business. The centre provides meeting room and IT facilities, co-working spaces, virtual support services, and professional business coaching via their Momentum @ SBC program to help small business owners grow and flourish.

Yvonne Atkinson, CEO of SBC identified an opportunity to add additional coaching and support to the business owners within the Centre. Together with Justin Davies from Emergination, the concept was developed and refined.


The objectives of the Momentum program:
1. Equip small business owners with the skills and confidence to grow their business into sustainable enterprises.
2. Build a supportive and engaged community within the centre
3. Attract growing businesses to the centre

The Momentum program provides participants with access to a professional and experienced business coach to help them set clear business goals and develop actionable plans to achieve them.


To assist SBC in achieving its objectives, Emergination’s approach was to provide comprehensive coaching support to Momentum participants.

This include:

1. Coaching and advisory sessions to keep business owners focused on growing the business and manage business challenges. Coaching sessions include one-on-one coaching and online coaching.
2. Conduct monthly training workshops including topics such as:

• Strategy development
• Growth strategy
• Future proofing and scaling the business
• Time management
• KPIs and Dashboards

3. Conduct business reviews to identify key business issues in the business
4. Provision of an online training tool to track activities and supplement coaching services


A popular business support program for the Stirling Business Centre that is also scalable as more participants sign up for membership. The combination of online and offline coaching increases efficiency, convenience, and user engagement.

Participants achieve real results with strategic plans that are easy to implement.

To join Momentum, please visit the SBA website.