OLP Robotics is an emerging integrator of industrial robots for the commercial sector. The business is experiencing rapid growth due to the outstanding capability of the 3 founding directors. Emergination has been engaged to provide business coaching.

The first step was to develop a strategic plan and focus for the business. As with any business with an early stage in a commercial market, educating the market and generating sales can be a challenge. However, the wave of innovation in industrial robotics and OLPR’s leading expertise in the space has generated significant market interest. Some of the initial focus has involved attending sales meetings to assist in understanding the buyers, and to demonstrate good sales process in action in major and complex sales environments.

Speed and clarity of response are critical in sales environments. OLP Robotics has just added a talented, mature graduate to their team who will be a significant part of the future of the business.

2021 continues to prove exciting and engaging for OLP Robotics. This is a business to watch.

Justin’s experience and support has been of real value to us as we grow our business. His wise council has provided clarity and confidence in situations where we sometimes feel out of our depth. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the growth hub sessions, where we have grown our knowledge as well as our network in the small business community.

– Shaleesa Keye, OLP Robotics Director