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Solo Accounts


Solo Accounts was created by entrepreneur and long time bookkeeper Donna Vincent. She found that so many business owners struggled with their bookkeeping. They didn’t understand double entry accounting, and found the accounting programs that supposedly made accounting simple were quite complicated.

So the first iteration –  originally created as Hard Hat Bookkeeper – was developed, with the aim of looking after a single segment: tradespeople.

The Pivot

Upon release Donna found she was getting amazing feedback. She was also surprised to find out who was using the product. Yes, tradies were using it – however many sole trader businesses of all kinds were using it. This included direct sellers, independent consultants, food van drivers, uber drivers – as well as trade related customers.

“The product is so simple to use. If you can take a selfie, you can use Solo Accounts”, says Donna.

Emergination has been working with Donna to help build and grow the business.