The Subiaco Business Resilience Program, delivered on behalf of the City of Subiaco by Justin Davies of Emergination, provided business coaching and advisory support to help the recovery of local businesses in the midst of the pandemic. The above video (4 minutes 25 seconds) includes the City of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor talking about the drivers of the program, and includes some of Subiaco owners that took part on the program.

It is one of the successful business support initiatives of the City’s $4M COVID-19 relief package.

Jessica Wrightson, Owner Surface Skin, City of Subiaco Mayor, Penny Taylor, together with Justin Davies, Managing Director, Emergination

Client Feedback

Recipients of the program were filled with gratitude due to the assistance provided by the city’s efforts. Here are some of the comments shared by business owners:

“We just wanted to touch base since we had our first meeting with Justin from Emergination, yesterday. It was great to meet him and get a better idea of what we are working towards and what we can achieve as a business. It is a truly a fantastic program, that the city of Subiaco has put together and we are so appreciative to have been a recipient of it, especially through such challenging times. For our business to have this sort of coaching and get some clear direction for how we can succeed post-COVID and into the future, is incredible.”

“If the City of Subiaco is going to run any sort of newsletter, online articles or promotion relating to the Resilience Program or its success, we would be more than happy to offer our experience and space for an article or photo opportunity.

We would also love to invite the Mayor to visit our clinic (upon reopening), to experience what we have to offer and see how we will have implemented the strategies we will be working on with Justin (Emergination).

We are truly appreciative and eager to collaborate with the City of Subiaco for any promotions you may be putting together regarding this program or anything else. Being able to contribute back to the Subiaco community, is something we are very passionate about and eager to be a part of in the future.”

—Jessica Wrightson, owner of SurFACE Skin

“I saw Justin yesterday afternoon and just wanted to thank you for organising this initiative for us. Justin has a really nice way about him, and we have talked about many things and he has given me some top tips for the business and the general thought process for problem solving.”

—Paula, owner of The Beauty Studio

“Thank you so much for your help and support for my business at the difficult time. You are the Best business coach I have ever experienced. Your ideas are just flowing! Thanks again for your coaching and will keep in touch!”



The City of Subiaco Business Resilience Program has provided vital support for local business owners to help them to have more resilient businesses able to take advantage of the economic upturn.