Sales and Marketing

Do you want to win more work?

Are you stumped on sales and marketing?

Do you need help in clarifying your marketing message?

Are you having problems standing out from the crowd?

At Emergination, we help business owners understand their business by going through a comprehensive business review and conducting informative workshops that address your business concerns. Justin will get to know what your business is about, your unique value proposition, and competitive advantage. From there, Justin will work with you to formulate strategies and equip you with the knowledge and skills to overcome your sales and marketing challenges.

Justin has extensive experience in the area of sales and marketing across many industries, including software, resources, finance, logistics and healthcare. He has also helped many start-ups to gain traction in the market. 



Successful sales are the life of a business. Being able to sell effectively is an essential business skill that every business owner must have. Unfortunately, many business owners struggle to sell. When you don't have a sales process, the conversations you have with your customer will be disorganised and often lead to confusion. Closing the sale becomes a hit and miss situation. To win sales consistently, you need to know what unique value your business is providing to the market, have an understanding of the sales process, and be actively implementing your sales strategy. From lead generation to post-purchase customer care, the entire customer journey must progress seamlessly.



Marketing is much more than just the design of your logo, website and some online ads. It is about conveying a compelling message to your audience that will motivate them to engage with your business. To craft your business story, you must first know what your business is about, the solution your business provides and who your ideal customers are. Knowing the answers to these fundamental questions will enable you to create a message that truly resonates with your customer.


Why work with Emergination?

The market is changing constantly. Are you equipped with the current knowledge and skills to navigate through the changes? Our seminars, workshops and advice will deliver up to date information that will help you remain relevant in the eyes of your customers. Sales and marketing is often a team effort. As a small business owner, it is important to get your entire team focussed on the same goals and business objectives. 

When you work with Justin, you will receive guidance from a highly knowledgeable business advisor. With 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Justin delivers informative sales and marketing workshops that will equip your team with the skills to engage in effective communications and grow your business.

Justin's workshops are designed to help you develop a systematic approach to selling and marketing. You and your team will benefit from:

♦  a deeper understanding of your competitive advantage

♦  learning about the sales process and how it applies to your business

♦  knowing how to ask the right questions at the right time

♦  an effective marketing plan that generates more sales

♦  increased morale and create a positive mindset

♦  an active learning experience

♦  learning skills to manage the flow of your sales conversation from initial contact to closing the deal.


Contact Justin to find out how you can benefit from a comprehensive business review and our informative sales and marketing workshops.