Initial Business Review

Emergination provides owners with coaching and advice to help the business leaders define their objectives and realise them. We analyse your business to identify key challenges and offer clear plans to effect change and resolve the issues.

An Initial Business Review is a powerful way to commence - and to identify areas for growth improvement in your business.


Strategy and Execution

Emergination's strategic planning process uses proven methodologies combined with a wealth of experience across a myriad of industry types and sizes to deliver a one page plan that cuts through complexity to provide focus on the key strategies you need to implement for success. Our over-arching methodology is Now-Where-How. 

Our process ensures you learn through doing so you walk away with a clear plan plus you are educated in a series of powerful tools for internal use to continue to drive implementation of each strategy.


Uncovering the growth strategies to cut through is a key component of our business. By reviewing your target markets, current performance, product strategies, competitors, pricing and much more we will facilitate a process to develop practical strategies that will set you on a clear path to achieving, and hopefully exceeding, your growth targets. We roll our sleeves up, and get your sales and marketing moving.

Business Coaching

Our approach offers empathetic business coaching, practical advice, and mentoring to solve business problems, test your strategy - and keep you accountable. We take away the loneliness that all leaders feel from time to time and speed up problem-solving to help improve all aspects of your business.

Lean Startup

Lean consulting can range from fleshing out the validity of a business concept,to full execution of product and service design and development. Contact us for a confidential discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing your business, and how lean can be applied to help you.


Our approach to our consulting work is facilitation. As an Accredited and experienced Mindshop Facilitator (AMSF) Justin Davies can facilitate strategic planning workshops, problem solving workshops, and help you develop significant growth strategies for your organisation.