Strategic Planning

There is more competition in today's market than ever before. If your business is not evolving to meet changing demands, then you are losing your competitive edge. If you’re tired of ‘ground hog’ years where little to no change occurs, engage with us to implement a strategic plan to accelerate your growth and profit objectives.

Growing a successful business requires clarity and intent. Emergination can help you formulate clear objectives and identify methods to assist you in achieving the desired outcomes.

We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your current business challenges, the market segments you compete in, and where you would like your business to be in the future. Using the Now-Where-How method, we will formulate an effective one page strategic plan that will provide you with clear, actionable steps to help you grow your business.

How we deliver

Our strategic plans are a fantastic way to deliver clarity, prioritisation, strategies and actionable plans to achieve your growth and profit targets for the year ahead. Importantly, we can assist in turning your plans into reality by supporting the implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support.

We use proven methodologies and a wealth of experience to deliver a one page plan to cut through complexity. You can then focus on implementing key strategies for success.

Using ‘Now-Where-How’ we help you:

    • Understand what’s working and what’s not in your business NOW
    • Clarify WHERE you want to be in the future
    • Determine the 3-4 key strategies on HOW to get there

Our process ensures you ‘learn through doing’ so you walk away with a clear plan, having learnt powerful tools to drive strategy implementation.

When you engage with Emergination, you will:

♦  benefit from our extensive experience and effective strategic planning process

♦  be facilitated workshop by an experienced business advisor

♦  drive strategies into specific actions

♦  gain clarity on your key issues and be provided with practical steps to achieve your outcomes

♦  learn a series of powerful tools to optimise your business operations

♦  gain a deeper understanding of your unique value proposition, your target customers, and the market you serve.

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