Card Sorting your way to Information Architecture

Published on December 21, 2008

When you are faced with a major intranet or internet site development project, information architecture…

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Techramp and Transaction 2.0 – Final day at CeBIT roundup

Published on May 26, 2008

Thursday 22 May 2008 was the big day of Transaction 2.0 and Techramp. What a…

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VC Startups Carnival

Published on February 19, 2008

The Startups Carnival runs from March 3 to 17 2008 and is a great opportunity…

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Venture Capital – The E2B Experience (still smelling like dot com to me)

Published on March 15, 2007

Back in March 2000, I discussed the idea of setting up a First Tuesday group…

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What? Is that a Dot-Com Smell in the Air? It’s All About Eyeballs Again…

Published on March 12, 2007

The interesting change with Web 2.0 has created a sense that the internet is all…

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George Negus, the aging sex symbol, on Information Technology

Published on February 2, 2007

George Negus, who actually isn’t all that fond of being referred to as an aging…

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