In recent weeks I’ve been giving consideration to product, brand and company names for a number of clients. Foremost in my mind is how to ensure that these products get discovered?


Quotable Quote:

“The Future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson, The Economist, December 4, 2003

So what should you do:

  • be aware that traditional media – television, press and to a lesser extent radio – are becoming less effective in creating sales than they once were
  • understand what types of terms people use when searching for your service or product
  • understand which terms are heavily contested and which are attainable
  • get a strategy to get your business prominent against these terms

Read on to understand why…

You might be surprised to know how much difference there is between the highest-rated search terms and the next search terms. For example, many accounting firms would think that “Chartered Accountant” is the term they want to own. That term generates around 325 searches per day across Australia. “Management Accounting” generates 50% more search queries than “Chartered Accountant”.

However the search term “accounting bookkeeping” generates 1332 searches per day in Australia: a massive 310% more than “Chartered Accountant”. You can see the importance of getting the right term.

So, if this is true, why do so many promote less popular terms?

There are two reasons:
1. They aren’t aware and therefore don’t look
2. They think that the industry term is the important one to own, however, it tends to be the colloquial term that people use that drives traffic.


  • recognise that as we have generational change traditional media will be less effective
  • determine which keywords are most important for your business
  • find out which terms generate the greatest search traffic
  • build your content and cost per click strategy around these terms

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