Time and Priority Management Diagnostic



Time and Priority management is the process of managing the choices we make regarding the things we do within the time available such that we can maximize the fulfillment and results we achieve.


We all have 168 hours to use in a week and some seem to use those hours more effectively than others.



Take 7 minutes to complete the 30-question Mindshop Time and Priority Management Diagnostic to identify your 10 key success factors:


What’s working What’s working 

Your top 3 areas of high performance 


What’s not working

Your top 3 areas for improvement



Where will you focus your time over the next 90 days?


Complete the Time and Priority Management Diagnostic now. In just 7 minutes you'll be able to identify your areas that are working well and areas you need to work on to improve your own time and priority management. Get a better understanding of where your business is at today, and the top challenges facing your business. 


You can also take advantage of an obligation-free consultation with Business Coach Justin Davies to discuss your results and how to realise the opportunities. 


Don't delay - begin your FREE Time and Priority Management business diagnostic now.



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