Engender self education in your workforce….

Today’s workforce is different. There are so many different wants for people today that their expectations of their employer are higher than they have ever been in history. In absence of common purpose, the focus is on self, “where is my career going, I want more time for family etc etc”. There has been a quantam shift in the employment attitudes of Gen Y versus their predecessors, much to the frustration of their managers whom often worked very long and hard to realise their career success.

The top consultancies – the McKinsey’s, Boston Consulting Group and others – employ smart people able to rapidly learn and assimilate concepts and deliver business value.

“I asked the tech guys a key question on some new technology and what was the right answer. They said,” we’ll tell you at 4pm”. What they were doing was posting the question on 100 newsgroups and using software to collate and rank the answers by the number of people agreeing with a single response. This is a self help, rapid learning approach. This was happening in 1999, well before the phenomenon of Google.

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