Non-Executive Directors Liability Issues

Published on July 7, 2008

At our recent “Chatham House” meeting (graduates of the AICD course in Perth) we discussed…

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Digital Reputation Management – The Rise and Rise of PR 2.0

Published on June 20, 2008

Check out What we can learn from the WA gas crisis From that post: On June…

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Are Directors distracted by compliance?

Published on July 21, 2007

I recently attended a workshop held by the Australian Institute of Company Directors that was…

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What? Is that a Dot-Com Smell in the Air? It’s All About Eyeballs Again…

Published on March 12, 2007

The interesting change with Web 2.0 has created a sense that the internet is all…

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Don’ta worry – Dumb Business thinking to avoid Part 2

Published on February 8, 2007

Have you ever experienced the debilitating situation of not knowing what decision to make in…

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You can’t get stuck in a rut – dumb business thinking to avoid Part 1

Published on February 5, 2007

Business and leading people can both be hard and easy. Getting stuck in a mental…

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How to Stop Smart Businesses Doing Dumb Things

Published on February 4, 2007

If you are in a professional services firm, then one of my favourite books is…

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George Negus, the aging sex symbol, on Information Technology

Published on February 2, 2007

George Negus, who actually isn’t all that fond of being referred to as an aging…

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The Rise and Fall of Bribal Marketing

Published on February 1, 2007

I really enjoyed my early career in direct marketing. One of the things I found…

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The Plagerisation Generation

Published on January 31, 2007

“You didn’t make that up. I heard that / saw that / wore that 20…

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